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Musik for gamers: The making of a soundtrack

This is undoubtedly one of the most important additions to the ambience and feel of the game: Of course we’re talking about the soundtrack, which is constantly gaining importance in top-class games. A few years ago, it was simply a friend of the development team who would play tunes on a keyboard or within the tracker; but nowadays a whole orchestra is used to create a soundtrack worthy of a movie. The German studio “Dynamedion” was one of the first to work with large orchestras and famous conductors to create the best in-game sound possible. For “The Guild 2“, the prospecting life, -business- and politics simulation produced by 4HEAD Studios and published by JoWooD/Deep Silver, one of the most spectacular soundtracks ever has been written!.
We hired the well-known conductor Bernd Ruf together with the “Thüringen Philharmonic”, a German orchestra, to give life to their great compositions created for “The Guild 2”. During a two-days recording session, the orchestra played the themes over and over again until Dynamedion Crew were satisfied that musical perfection had been reached. Bernd Ruf is already familiar with such work: “It’s the 4th game soundtrack I’ve been hired to work on, and it’s both extremely fascinating and challenging. When you’re working on a movie, you produce music matching each scene, and even each picture. In game soundtracks, it’s more important to create atmosphere and feeling”. For “The Guild 2“, the ambience has to strengthen the feeling of being in the heart of medieval Europe and being faced with tough personal challenges. For Bernd Ruf, the composition created by Dynamedion does that job perfectly: “It supports the visual elements greatly, and its quality is pf such a high and professional level, that it is totally comparable to movie soundtracks produced in the USA.“

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