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All of those who work in the production and selling of food & hospitality are included here. In "The Guild 2", these characters can be very powerful as the food consumption and requirements of a whole town will be simulated. During times of siege and pestilence, the knowledge and intelligence of the patrons will not only decide the value of those necessary goods, but indeed the survival of the town. Moreover, the behaviour of starving citizens can be quite interesting...

Work ranges from ploughing fields to fattening livestock or from baking bread to managing pubs and taverns, where you won’t only rent rooms, but also provide your customers’ with the very personal attention of young women...


Where ore hits heat to become forged, where wood is turned into useful goods, you’ll find gifted craftsmen trying to earn their fortunes with their hands. Their talents and their work are famous amongst the citizens, and many of them find their way into the high ranks of the city’s council where they craft the future of the town.

But their everyday work is still the production of useful and valuable goods for all citizens.

Philosophers, Bearers of Wisdom

Wise men and women are not only respected, but also centres of power and influence. As priests or feared alchemists, these men and women may be difficult to play, but they provide a variety of options and possibilities which make them a very challenging and interesting class of character. They are also perfect for climbing into the highest ranks - they master both the art of diplomacy and the complex world of politics.

Questionable Businesses

Here you find all the dark professions and arts nobody talks about. And neither do we…

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