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The Renaissance awaits you!

“The Guild 2 – Renaissance” begins in the last day of a dark age when clergy and nobility had a stranglehold over all of Europe and the vast wealth of a few noble families was obtained through the blood and sweat of the commoners. Now however, as the 14th Century draws to an end, the first rays of a shining new age appear on the horizon: Common artisans and traders are gaining wealth and influence. More and more common people learn how to read and write, and the gentry loses many of its privileges. This is the onset of the Renaissance, an age of adjustment where ‘common’ people gain valuable individual freedom – and an age where trade, art and artisanry begin to bloom. “The Guild 2 – Renaissance” invites the player into a fascinating age of societal change. Can you keep up with this challenging new age?

This brand-new addon hugely increases both the size and diversity of the game world – there are innumerable, often unexpected challenges for the player. Nine completely new careers (character classes) allow the player unprecedented freedom in creating the ultimate Guild 2 dynasty: Mercenary, undertaker, mason, entertainer, innkeeper, banker, miller and the fruit farm proprietor and the game also includes a wholly re-worked Title system offering a brand-new gameplay element to the player – e.g. in order to reach the next title, you’ll need to either supply your King with lansquenet mercenaries – or serve as an officer in a war yourself.

The vastly improved AI means that enemy dynasties no longer die out easily, and the world of “The Guild 2” was made to look and feel much more alive than previously – wild animals roam the game world, and NPC characters such as dockworkers, drunkards and beggars add to the game’s realistic and detailed atmosphere.

New Features
  1. New scenarios:
    Additional scenarios set in „The Alps“, „Rhineland“
    and “Transylvania” add detail to the world of „The Guild 2“
  2. Eight new careers
    The player can decide between nine
    additional professions and thus decide which kinds of character to play.
  3. Maps expanded:
    The maps are up to four times the size
    of those in the original “The Guild 2“
  4. War and Peace
    War keeps breaking out in the new game world
    – you’ll need to plan your tactics accordingly!
  5. God-Measures:
    Various tasks, such as purchasing a new title
    or running for an office (or forcing someone to marry you),
    can now be performed without having to have the main character
    present, which will save players lots of time.

With a plethora of new details such as entirely new buildings, a soundtrack especially composed for the add-on, and a completely re-worked judicial proceedings system, “The Guild 2 – Renaissance” offers a breathtaking gaming experience for Guild noobs and veteran Guild players alike.


JoWooD Productions Announces 2nd Add-On for The Guild 2

Until now, only the cities of Germany, England and other Nothern regions were part of the successful The Guild series. JoWooD Productions is now working on the new Add-on for The Guild 2 which will take the player to the most fascinating city of the 15th century: Venice. Built on more than hundred islands and popular for the gondoliers with their famous songs Venice is still the pearl of the Adria.

“The Guild 2 – Venezia“ will show the fascinating ambience of Venice. Small Sidestreets, Gondolieres and the mystical carnival promise many hours of game fun. Live your life in The Guild 2 – Venezia like the medieval population did – build up your family, earn money and enjoy the romance of Venice. Maybe you will meet the famous Casanova.

Enjoy the fascinating history of Venice – the city which is today as fascinating as in the past. Release of the standalone Game will be End of September 2008.


Pirates ahead!

Here`s the first official announcement: There will be an AddOn for "The Guild", and it will contain main features that have been urged and suggested by the community since the days of "Guild 1". Yes, we`re talking about sea-trading, seabattles and careers as filthy pirate!

Enough said for today, soon we`ll show you what you can expect from the "Pirates of the European seas"...


The Guild 2 trial

Listen, citizen!

You`re still not sure if you are the right man or woman to join the new guild? Are you still wondering if you have what it takes to become a leading member of medieaval society? Are you afraid of failing during your tries to master craftmensship and courting?
We`ll help you with your decision by providing our demo version of "The Gild 2", which is NOW available in our Download Section


Patch released

The international patches for "The Guild 2" have arrived, bringing the game to version 1.2 and solving several issues. Get your patch in our
Download Section!


Mercenaries hired!

Rough fighters, brute soldiers for gold: Mercenaries were one of the most important parts of medieval warfare, supporting the realms and lands which could afford to hire them. Even Guilds, merchants and city councils - like in "The Guild 2" - hired them for protecting the towns or escorting valuable goods. Mercenaries are also known to the Gothic scenario, as we know since the 2nd part. JoWooD and Deep Silver have now hired an own band of swords, promoting their ideals in a very special way. Visit the "Outlaws of Zwieselburg" at


The Guild 2 - Welcome to medieavalism!

Clashing swords, dangerous stunts thrillinglyly recreated: Re-enactement is a booming
phenomenon - and a opportunity to experience the medieval world. This will shortly be
eclipsed by the ability for everyone and anyone to play the medieval life & business
simulation "The Guild 2" coming soon from JoWooD Productions and Deep Silver.

As a tribute to the growing number of medieval festivals in Europe, attracting millions
of visitors, a dedicated "Guild 2" mercenary band was hired. The "Outlaws from Zwieseleburg"
taking their name from a 1000 year old fortified structure in Lower Austria, will fight,
ride & promote both Gothic 3 and The Guild 2 at medieval events during the summer.
Accompanied by JoWooDs Community Manager Ivan Ertlov, they will also provide the visitors
with winning tickets for an amazing lottery, where they can win unique branded artifacts,
re-enactement weekends and lots of Gohtic 3 / The Guild 2 merchandise.

While the tour will come into its hot phase during the festivals in July and August, a premier
performance will take place on 14th of June as part of the medieval concert of
"Conductus Conforza" in Kendl, Lower Austria.

Of course we`ll present updates and reports from the tour here, as well as the next dates!


Improve your residence!

It`s not only a question of taste and arts, but also a matter of
inspiration: Masterpieces of finest arts are always a great
improvement for any working place and home.
A promising citizen, climbing his first steps on the ladder of
success in medieval society, should not be surrounded by
blank walls. A nice drawing of his possessions or a the banner of his guild would be far better... So we`ve hired the finest artists, who created with ancient mixtures the best colors for the wallpapers waiting here


More Guild 2 revealed!

Listen, citizen: If you wish to get deeper insights in the hard but amazing medieval life awaiting in The Guild 2, the gods have listened to your prayers: From today, every friday we`ll reveal 2 more scenes to enlighten your mind and to satisfy your heart. Enjoy them and get ready for the most authentic medieval experience, coming in a few months!


Citizen, craftsmen, merchants!

Listen to the tale what happened a short time ago in
the very heart of Vienna. The new guild, which will
be opened to the hard-working commons in a few
months, was presented.
But see and become a believer.


Listen, folk!

God gave the music, and the devil created the dance: The blessed musicans of Dynamedion
created a symphony of good & evil, a composition of glory and defeat to enlighten your ears
and to satisfy your hearts. Our writer and poet left the court and traveled the way far into
Thüringen to bring you an exclusive insight!


Young citizen, your future is awaiting you!

In an age of change and challenges, it`s up to promising young
people like you to change the fate of the world!

In The Guild 2, you have full control of every aspect of your life -
your success, your fortune, and your reputation among the medieval
society, as well as your private and family life.
If you`re doing well, even the clerics and noblemen will salute you,regardless of your origin...


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